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Work Permits (PLKS)

We assist in the application, renewal and cancellation of work permits for foreign workers.

Malaysian Workpass

We assist in handling permits for West Malaysian or Sarawakian which is working in Sabah.

Expatriate & Professionals

We assist in handling visa application for an expatriate who is currently or planning to start their business in Sabah, Malaysia.

Student Visa

We assist overseas students in the application, renewal or cancellation of student visas.

Insurance Administration

We are an authorized agency to provide various types of insurance covering general, life and also foreign worker FWHS, FWCS, etc.


Ready to stay in Malaysia? MM2H is specifically targeted to individuals with families who wish to stay long-term in Malaysia. Drop us an enquiry for more info!

About Us

AGENSI PEKERJAAN K K SDN BHD was incorporated on 2004-11-09 in Malaysia with registration number of 0672041A. AGENSI PEKERJAAN K K SDN BHD’s business includes EMPLOYMENT AGENCY.


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